Boat Covers
We're talking boat covers that snugly cover all or parts of your boat, protecting it from the elements and accidents. Cover your boat from bow to stern, and keep it looking new. Or just cover the bow or back of the cabin for traveling...Our tough, protective fabrics work in all weather, and out industrial strength zippers, grommets and snaps are amazingly rugged.

Boat Tops
Here at Blu Skye you can get a custom canvas boat top built to your specifications. Everything is done right here in Wasilla, Alaska. Whether you're needing a complete top, replacement canvas or just some repairs, it can be done here at Blu Skye.
Small repairs, broken snaps, bent bows, cloudy windows? Suffer no more! Bring them by for repairs or replacements. Fast turn around on most repairs.

Iron Dog / ATV
Smell'n the two stroke exhaust and crank'n up for IRONDOG. Check out the Galley for photos of stock bags and some peeks at custom requests for the race.
Stock bags are sewn up and ready to sell, offered in your Basic Black, Go Fast Red and Whoo Dang Yellow. Also available in your Yamaha Blue and Incognito Gray. Sorry Arctic Cat guys can't get the eye popping Green.

Swing in to the shop, let's talk about what you need.

Dog Sledding
Ready to spend the next 10 days on the 1000 mile Iditarod trail? Got your dogs powered up and ready to pull your sled faster than light? if so, you'll want your sled bag to be the best you can get...quick to open, easy to close and able to withstand the worst weather Alaska can throw at you. Blu Skye sled bags are Iditarod tough...Been there; done that.

Bags & Packs
Sometimes you just need something you can't find anywhere else. Maybe you need speciality fabric or an odd item that would make your life easier. Blu Skye has sewn up all sorts of strange requests. There was the motorcycle seat for the beagle, the boot for the Model A, the insulated computer covers for reefer vans.... if you have a need, give a call.

We make aircraft covers for wheels, wings, props, cowlings or your whole plane.
Blu Skye works in conjunction with Glacier Aircraft to supply the small airplane community with high quality products.

Blu Skye sews up JNOLCO designed bush wheel covers and now offers helicopter blade covers maded to your specifications.

Glacier Aircraft
Palmer Airport

Custom Products
Custom means just got something needing to be covered, sewed, enclosed, carried or replaced...if it's with materials, we can probably do it.

Square bags to fit that space behind a seat, or round covers made to protect your Japanese glass float, we make things fit and last. Come describe what you want; you'll be pleasantly surprised by what you get.

Need a cover for your fishing pole or rifle, bring it on! Want individual covers for your favorite lures? We'll ask what color!

Don't settle for 1970s RV seats, complete with 20 years of ketchup stains and dried gravy. Jazz up the rig with new curtains and and a spare wheel cover.

We can cover anything from motorcycle and Model A seats to massage tables and dining room chairs.

Let us put life back into your boats, cars, motorhomes, motorcycles and more.